Gebrüder Weinz GmbH

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D-55758 Veitsrodt

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Gebrüder Weinz
75 years of Gemcutting

75 years of Gemcutting

November 1, 1922 was the official start of our company in a village on the outskirts of Idar-Oberstein. Things have changed since this picture was taken of our grandfather in a traditional lapidary. Technology has also come a long way since those times of water driven cutting, with laser and computer driven production methods being the current industry standard.

The business has been family owned from the start, with the grandchildren of the original owner carrying on the tradition of quality service and competitive prices. Our company has grown into an international business with contacts to lapidaries and mines in Africa and South America. Because of this we can offer very competitive prices. Over the years we have established ourselves as a reliable source for wholesalers and production jewelers.

We are members of the IHK (Chamber of Commerce) the BUNDESVERBAND DER EDELSTEIN- UND DIAMANT INDUSTRIE, also by the PROGEM IDAR-OBERSTEIN.